Friday, July 28, 2006

PaniCast #12 March 1995

I am still pretty whooped from last weekend but there's nothing like listening to some old favorites to get your blood pumping again. This week we focus on March 1995.

March 24, 1995 Ann Arbor Michigan
Better Off

March 25, 1995
C. Brown,
Barstools > Thank you falletten me be mice elf agin > Barstools
Let's Get the Show on the Road

Enjoy this weeks music - I'll be back in full-force next week.

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

#11 - 'Happy Birthday to Me!' Special

July 22 is my birthday and this year I will have the treat of attending a Widespread Panic concert at Winter Park, CO on my birthday! I am hoping for good weather and safe travels.

This episode is an hour long special featuring various moments from shows I attended over the years. These aren't necessarily the 'best version ever' or anything - each was selected because I have a fond memory associated with each show. We'll kick everything off with the song that really 'grabbed my legs' and began my fascination and musical relationship with Widespread Panic.

Ted circa 1971

July 22, 1992 Chicago, IL

Lisa and I attended this show at Mississippi Nights in St Louis. We had sold our tickets for what would end up being the final Grateful Dead show which occurred on the same evening in Chicago. After the chaos of Deer Creek and the hassle of St Louis, our Grateful Dead touring days were already over. Fortunately a new adventure in our lives was under way even if we weren't aware of it yet. This Ain't No Use is pretty crazy and I remember being on the floor three people back from Dave just overwhelmed by the intensity of this song.
July 9, 1995 St. Louis, MO
Ain't No Use

On a whim Lisa, Maureen and I drove in the hot and humid midwestern heat for what seemed like 10,000 miles from Chicago to Ames, Iowa to see the band in a little bar. We woke up early, drove all day and saw a show that night. This was a very memorable trip including the discovery that the oil cap for the car's engine had been left off for about 200 miles. Where do you find an oil cap in the middle of a corn field? Plus the venue was serving giant 36 oz beers on special for $2. We did NOT wake up early the next morning.
July 16, 1994 Ames, IA

I drove up to Minneapolis with Dennis Dahl to see this final show of the spring tour. We slept on the floor of his friend's home office and couldn't find anything to eat anywhere near the venue - I think we had seafood quesadillas at an upscale brew pub or something. In any case, every time I here this song it brings back the emotions I experienced on spring tour 1997 - sweet, strong, tight, welcoming and powerful.
May 10, 1997 Minneapolis, MN

In one 36 hour stretch I bought a plane ticket to Atlanta, won tickets to the show in a chat room interview with Dave Schools, heard the first Pilgrims on tape at Brian Sofer's house, missed the CNN interview I had been invited to, went to the show, sold $100 worth of tape covers in the parking lot, met the manager of the Lakewood Amphitheater who set me up with my own box (the Delta box) and bought my first round of drinks, got rip snorting drunk, went backstage, broke down Sofer's front door, flew back to Chicago and then drove to Alpine Valley, WI for the Lollapooza festival. The Last Straw indeed.
July 26, 1997 Atlanta
Last Straw

This show was a miracle all the way around. We're in downtown Detroit before they built the new stadium. Dennis, Val, Lisa and I show up hungry and several hours early for the show. Dennis and Val are vegetarians and there isn't a food establishment within, what seems like, miles. But wait - what is that tiny hut in the middle of that parking lot across the street from the venue? It looks like the parking attendant's booth.... It is a middle eastern restaurant that specializes in vegetarian food! That sums up this amazing trip to Detroit - around each turn there were surprises but through it all we were Feelin' Alright!
May 1, 1997 Detroit
Feelin' Alright

Lisa and Ted circa 1994

Thanks again to EVERYONE out there who have supported and helped us over the years with the project and on our journey to and from Panic shows. We really could not have done this labor of love without you. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

#10 - Get out there folks!

It's summer, the band is playing near (or not so near) your home town, so get on out there and see them!

This episode consists the following 4 segments -

1. Recent heat
June 25, 2006 Red Rocks
Let's Get the Show on the Road into

2. Past heat from the Pacific Northwest
June 5, 1996
Champoeg Park, St. Paul, OR
City of Dreams

3. NEW Cool Feature
'Will we ever know the truth'
Interview with 7 year old fan, Jack

4. Timeless Classic
Coconut Image (first Widespread Panic single released featuring Kelly Jo Davis on vocals)

Make sure to pick up shows from this summer at

I highly recommend downloading the following shows from this summer:
June 25, 2006 Red Rocks
July 1, 2006 The Wiltern, LA, CA
July 11, 2006 Cuthbert, Eugene, OR

TURN IT UP and see you next week in Winter Park, CO!

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Saturday, July 08, 2006

#9 Support Independent Radio

November 23, 1998
Pleas > Chilly Water, Aunt Avis

May 15, 1993
Wondering, Walkin' (for your love)

Broadcasting out of Pittsburg WYEP has always been run independently and in 1998 on the home stretch of their fall tour, Widespread Panic dropped by for a 60 minute performance. It is interesting to note that the band did not have a gig in Pittsburg and instead chose to perform for free on this independent radio station's airwaves. WYEP is listener supported and provides many of the in-studio performances online for free.

WERS broadcasts from Boston at Oberlin College and in 1993 the band rolled through the studio on their spring tour before playing a gig that night at the Avalon. This relatively rare all-acoustic performance by the band is marked by some playful banter from JB and JoJo and playful false starts.

Please consider donating to one of these (or to your local) independent radio stations this year. These radio stations provide access to music and perspectives you will not get on Clear Channel, Entertainment Tonight or other 'mainstream' monopolozied media outlets. You can click on the logos above for each station to go to their membership pages.

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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Podcast #8 Mud Island 1997

Mud Island 1997 - On the Humid, Hot, Flooding Mississippi

My brother flew down from Alaska to spend a couple weeks with me and Lisa in Chicago and during that time Panic was playing in Memphis so of course we had to drive down. As a fifteen year old kid living in Palmer, AK Daniel had never seen Widespread and he was staying with me at the height of my touring career with the band. I think I saw 32 shows that year... something like that.

In any case, my brother and I had a great time at these shows driving together in the car, checking out Graceland and grooving to the Panic. This trip ranks as one of the most memorable I've had in my storied (if only in my own mind) career as a fan.

This past weekend was the 2006 Widespread Panic Red Rocks run and the situation has changed. I have a house and a kid and a 'real' job and my brother is now the one that is out on tour. He drove from Oregon to go to Waukarusa and Bonnaroo partly in support of the Ice Cream Man. Ice Cream Man is a guy/organization that distributes FREE ICE CREAM a festivals around the country and takes pictures of everything and posts those pics to his website Ice Cream

On his way back from Bonnaroo he visited Lisa, Jackson and I. He was planning on attending the Friday Panic show at the Rocks. Saturday morning thought better of leaving in the face of being able to see another show by the accomplished band at the esteemed venue and stuck around. Sunday he woke up at 8:30 and was on the road by 9:15 for the 18 hour drive back to Oregon so he could teach on Monday morning! STUD.

In any case, this podcast is a long distance dedication to my amazing younger brother - I am proud to call you my brother even if you think I'm a "nerd!"

Mud Island, Memphis, TN July 19, 1997
Jack, Rebirtha into Arlene
Junior* into End of the Show**
* with Warren Haynes
** with Danny and Eric from Bloodkin and Warren Haynes

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