Sunday, December 31, 2006

PaniCast #33 New Year's 1996 Part 2

Ted and Lisa (and Daniel Gold)
in Ben, Ned and Sasha's room
(photo by Dave Bredal)

Ned Stein has just posted a great review of these shows on his blog - as always his review is well informed and entertaining to read. He also has a review of 12/30/06 up there for all of you missing the festivities in good ole A T L.

Just behind the Orchestra Pit 12/31/96
(photo by Thomas G. Smith)

I hope you have enjoyed this YEAR'S offering of the Everyday Companion PaniCasts. I've had alot of fun bringing them to you - and am looking forward to bringing you MORE MORE MORE in 2007. May your family share laughter and your glasses be filled!

Houser and Nance 12/31/96
(photo by Thomas G. Smith)

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Everyday Companion Podcast #33

Vic Chesnutt and John Keane with
Widespread Panic 12/31/96
(photo by Thomas G. Smith)

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