Sunday, December 07, 2008

PaniCast 67 - Chasing your own Tail

Take a listen to how easily the band slides into Party at Your Mama's House after Rebirtha this week. The band had obviously worked on PAYMH over the course of the previous 6 months and this is a fine example of how the song had matured at his point in their career. JB then proceeds to completely blow the lyrics to Can't Find My Way Home, but I still enjoy the power the band is able to bring - JB follows this up with a solo acoustic version of Gradle, which we come back to at the end of the cast.

A backwards Porch > Take Out pairing helps us dive headlong into a Driving sandwich featuring an epic Hope in a Hopeless World. Yes, epic.

The Breathing Slow features JoJo (I think) saying "See you later" and Dave laughing maniacally before they hit the stride of that jam - I remember listening to this show once in the middle of the night and having that section of music give me the chills. I edited out the Mercy > Nobody's Fault and I urge you to seek this show out and listen to it as well as the first set... well worth the effort.

Walk On > Chilly - does it get any more quintessential than that??

And we finish the aforementioned Gradle - JB solo acoustic, pouring his emotions into the rendition.

Make sure to check out the Flash player for streaming the 'cast - you have to let the entire 'cast preload before playing, but it should be worth the wait. Any how, let me know what you think...
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November 9, 1997
Ann Arbor, MI

Rebirtha >
Party at Your Mama's House >
Help Me Somebody

Encore #1: Can't Find My Way Home

April 21, 1996
Boalsburg, PA

Porch Song >
The Take Out >
Tall Boy >
Driving Song >
Hope in a Hopeless World >
Driving Song >
Breathing Slow

Walk On >
Chilly Water

November 9, 1997
Ann Arbor, MI

Encore #2:
John Bell solo acoustic

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