Friday, April 13, 2007

PaniCast 45 Impossible April First Fun

April 1, 2007 - photo by Thomas G. Smith

Ten years ago I attended the first of the nearly thirty shows I ended up seeing in 1997. It was in St. Louis at the American Theater (now named the Roberts Orpheum Theater).

Lisa and I drove down with Maureen and Valerie Dahl, stayed with Lisa's parents in Bridgeton, MO and had a wonderful time at the show. I hooked up with Garrie Vereen after the show and he handed to me a garbage bag full of setlist notebooks. These notebooks are the ones he had been keeping since 1992, and I used them to check information against the Everyday Companion published in December of 1996.

SO I thought I'd present some highlights from that show as well as some recent highlights from thew April 1st show in Albany, NY. Ned Stein did such a wonderful job writing about this show I thought I'd check it out and sure enough his words were true! I was going to also feature the Do What You Like from this show as it features a Take Five tease from Jimmy and JoJo but ran out of time... make sure to go to and download the show to listen for yourself!

Make sure to TURN IT UP LOUD!

April 15, 1997
St. Louis, MO
Intro music - Train kept a rolling jam
Impossible >
C. Brown
Happy >

April 1, 2007
Albany, NY
Ribs and Whiskey
Fixin' to Die

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