Saturday, May 12, 2007

PaniCast 49 End of Spring Tour Highlights Round DEUX

Last week we featured tracks from the end of spring tour 1997, this week we'll bring it back to present day Widespread Panic. By many accounts the band played some amazing stuff on Spring tour and seemed to gain confidence as the tour developed. This week we're bringing you some highlights from a few of the final shows of this spring tour.

I especially like the Protein Drink > Sewing Machine with Vic Chesnutt and John Keane. These brute. tunes are performed with gusto. Mr. Michael Houser would be proud.


April 23, 2007
Athens, GA
The Take Out
I'm Not Alone >
Tie Your Shoes

April 27, 2007
Orange Beach, AL
Thank You Jam (Intro to second set by DJ Logic)
Let it Rock

April 25, 2007
Athens, GA
Protein Drink >
Sewing Machine
(with Vic Chesnutt and John Keane)

April 27, 2007
Orange Beach, AL
Wish You Were Here

April 25, 2007
Athens, GA
Can't Find My Way Home
Postcard >
Porch Song

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