Monday, June 26, 2006

Red Rocks Recovery

Still feeling pretty tired from the three day fiesta called Widespread Panic at Red Rocks. Had an absolutely amazing time seeing the boys and dancing with old friends. Thanks to EVERYONE who made this weekend so special. And thanks to everyone for the compliments of the Podcast! We've got well over 300 subscribers now and many MANY more listening directly from the Blog. We've also been in the Top 100 Most Popular Music Podcasts on iTunes for over a week now.

I will post some pictures from yesterday's show at the Rocks in a gallery for everyone to take a look at maybe tomorrow.

Peace - OUT.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

First Pilgrims 9/14/92 Solana Beach, CA - Podcast #7

This episode features the first Pilgrims ever played as well as the funky Strictly Volunteer Jam (where JB is singing about his 'sneaky sister.'

September 14, 1992 Belly Up Tavern, Solana Beach, CA
Driving Song > Instrumental Pilgrims > Happy Child > Strictly Volunteer Jam > Driving Song > Makes Sense to Me

And one final track from the solo Acoustic performance by JB in Jackson, WY.
July 29, 1995 Jackson, WY

The Solana Beach performance is classic Panic. The rap by JB during the Jam is priceless and the band is playing with gusto. This recording reminds me of something that Col. Bruce once said about the band - that they would play to a crowd of 5 as if they were a crowd of 50,000.

Make sure to tell your friends about our casts and see you again next week!!!!

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Everyday Companion Podcast #7

Saturday, June 17, 2006

JB Solo, Acoustic Pilgrims, Epic Stop Go - Podcast #6

Listen to this podcast with your sweety - it's chock full of Panic-y goodness!
What a treat this podcast was to produce!
Remember to TURN IT UP!!

John Bell four track recording from 1998(?)
Climb to Safety

May 15, 1993 Boston, MA
Pilgrims (full band acoustic)

April 27, 1997 Burlington, VT
Stop Go > Wondering

John Bell four track
Little Lilly

The interviewing on the 5/15/93 radio performance is laughably hideous but the performances are actually quite good so I'll bring more of that performance in future podcasts and spare everyone the embarrassment of the words between the music.

The Stop Go > Wondering includes a brilliant improv by JB - one of my all time favorite Panic moments.
Make sure to pay attention to the transition between the two songs!
This is a long distance dedication to Lauren and Ben in NYC.

I also really love the four track recordings - listen closely to JB harmonizing with himself and adding all sorts of vocal embellishments during both songs... I have no idea where I picked this up but I feel lucky to have been able to hear it.

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Everyday Companion Podcast #6

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Exploring July 18th - Podcast #5

Great things can happen on a particular date -
take July 18th, JoJo's birthday, for example -

This week you'll hear Walk On and Early from July 18, 1995 at Bohemia Music in Billings, Montana.

Then you'll hear a band named Sherman play All Along the Watchtower from 7/18/01 (actually it was about 3 am on the 19th but who's counting?) at Wetlands in New York City.

This song features Dave Schools on bass and vocals and JoJo Herman on keyboards. Sherman Ewing is the front man for this band and is an old friend of JoJo's. In fact, JoJo played in Sherman and the Bureaucrats in college.

It is interesting to note that this performance of All Along the Watchtower occurs just a few days before Widespread Panic debuted the song as part of their repertoire.

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Everyday Companion Podcast #5

Monday, June 05, 2006

Red Rocks Special BONUS! 6/26/97

And a final BONUS Red Rocks Special!

By Special Request:
highlights from 6/26/97 Red Rocks

City of Dreams
Aunt Avis > Arlene
Chilly Water

A friend recommended I check this show out again and boy am I glad I did... very solid all around.
He told me to check out the Pilgrims references by JB during Chilly Water (they played Pilgrims going into Drums) and to pay particular attention to Mikey's guitar work throughout the same song.

To my anonymous friend - may you live long and lucky!

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Thanks for listening!
Join us next time for more highlights from Red Rocks.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

RedRocks Special 5 - 6/24/01 Sunday

Play this on a Sunday morning and be happy!

One of my favorite memories at Red Rocks involves hanging out with friends on a cool Rocky Mountain Sunday afternoon.

6/24/01 Red Rocks

"Trouble, trouble please be kind..." > Driving > Can't find my way home > Driving Song

But then again, a Saturday night Rebirtha can also get the hips shaking...
6/24/99 Red Rocks

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Peace, Ted
PS we're not done with Red Rocks yet - tune in tomorrow for a BONUS episode!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Red Rocks Special 4 - June 25, 2000

June 25, 2000 Red Rocks
Driving Song > Stop Go > Driving Song > Travelin' Light
Dear Mister Fantasy (with George McConnell on Vocals and Guitar)

Thanks to Harvey Couch for the picture

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Friday, June 02, 2006

Red Rocks Special 3 - June 25, 2000

'Never miss a Sunday show'

June 25, 2000 Red Rocks
Bear's Gone Fishing > Ride Me High > Hatfield

I've seen every WSP show they've headlined at Red Rocks and this show ranks as one of the most memorable.

Despite JB's obvious lyrical flub during Bear's Gone Fishing the band takes the nervous energy of that miscue and finds inspiration. They slither through the second half of the song with gusto and fly into the jam after Ride Me High with reckless abandon.

The rain that developed during that jam out of Ride Me High seemed to summon Hatfield's spirit -
And what transpired during that first set has since gone down in WSP lore as one of 'those' moments when it is hard to discern between the band, the song, the audience, the weather and the venue.

'Blue start rolling between the clouds, feeling of wonder, some water drying up, some water just sinking into the skin'
JB, Hatfield 6/25/2000

Charles Hatfield's Business Card

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Red Rocks Special 2 - Sept. 14, 1991

Widespread Panic appears for the first time at Red Rocks.
Forget what you know about this band appearing at this illustrious venue -
On this date the band is playing it's heart out in an opening slot for Blues Traveler.

September 14, 1991 Red Rocks
Space Wrangler,
Makes Sense to Me > Rock, Pigeons

Better to spread real wings if you want to fly!

Widespread Panic (with T. Lavitz) circa 1991, photo by Jay Blakesberg

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