Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My Computer is busticated!

(picture of broken computer stolen from another site)

This has been an eventful year but nothing prepared me for a crashed computer. Dead. in. the. Water. Fuck.

Strapped by home expenses I find myself stalling the purchase and set up of a new machine as long as possible. If there is a christmas angel out there who loved what we do at Everyday Companion, please get me one of these new iMacs.

I promise to be good all year and to bring the best jams and keep my brethren in Panic satisfied. And I'll get back to a weekly cast. Please, Santa, please!

So, until I am able to successfully get the system back up in fighting shape, I am pointing back in time to some casts that have not received much of attention...

I'll start it all off with the very first cast ever - the production value ain't there, but the tunes certainly are. ENJOY!

Everyday Companion Podcast #1