Saturday, February 24, 2007

PaniCast 39 Playing to 10 or 10,000

A listener wrote in asking to hear selections from the Stone Balloon or Hammerjacks - unfortunately I only had one of the two in the archive, the Stone Balloon.
This classic college bar no longer exists, except in the hearts of it's former patrons.

While I was looking for this show on disks and drives I ran across a show from a few days earlier at the Imperial Room, Concord Resort Hotel in Kiamesha Lake, NY. The location itself sounded interesting so I checked it out. The venue is one of the old classic 'Catskills' hotels in it's hey day. It has since fallen into disrepair.
Imperial Room at the Concord Resort

It sounds like there are maybe 50 people at this show - you can hear banter between band members at the start of Maggot Brain and JB thanking some one, presumably a crowd member, for a beer; "Probably be warm by the time you got up here. Cheers." In any case, this is another one of those examples of the band playing to 10 as if they are 10,000, if I may once again misquote Col. Bruce. The Let's Get the Show on the Road is started by JB before the feedback has died down at the end of Chilly Water, and I am guessing he is playing ONE MORE before the club shuts them down. You may need to TURN UP the Let's the Show on the Road - it is pretty quiet.

And finally there are a few selections from a classic and still vibrant venue, Ziggy's in Winston-Salem. Todd is ON FIRE for these two songs and the jam between the two songs remind me of Blight.... ENJOY!

Intro Music
November 8, 2001
Happy Child

March 16, 1994
Stone Balloon, Newark, DE
Wondering >
Proving Ground

March 14, 1994
Imperial Room, Concord Resort Hotel, Kiamesha, NY
Raise the Roof
Maggot Brain >
Jam >
Chilly Water >
Let's Get the Show on the Road (JB solo)

November 3, 1992
Ziggy's, Winston-Salem, NC
It Ain't No Use >
Jam >
Better Off

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