Friday, February 16, 2007

PaniCast 38 Analog Memories

Thanks again to everyone for the comments and suggestions on the cast, I'll do my best to get to Busted and Longer Look out ther for you next time around.

One of the people who has been listening and recently contacted me was Corey Diamond, a Canadian Panic fan that I traded tapes with in the 90's and ended up meeting in 1997. He requested a WICKED Papa's Home from 1993. I searched through all of my various forms of media (DAT, CD, FLAC, SHN and Analog tapes) and found that the only version of this show that I have is on Analog. I've been meaning to pull a few gems from the analog collection to share with you all so I figured this was as good a time as any. So all o fthe selections from this show are from old analogs that I could not find a digital version for. A digital version may in fact exist, but I don't have it...

By the way, if anyone recognizes the song that JoJo is TEASING at the end of this Papa's Home I would really appreciate it if you could help me identify that song. I feel like a total moron because I just can't place it!

In any case here is the playlist:

brute. (if you don't know brute., follow this link to learn more)
January 18, 1995 Georgia Theatre
Good Morning Mr. Hard On
George Wallace

September 25, 1993
Township Auditorium, Columbia, SC
Papa's Home (with Funky is the Drummer rap, and ?? jam by JoJo)

March 12, 1997
Hong Kong Cafe, Vail, CO
JB sitting in with Bobby Sheehan and High Plains Drifter
Me and the Devil (with Four Cornered Room tease)

April 4, 1992
Zephyr Club, Salt Lake City , UT
Flat Foot Flewzy

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