Saturday, April 05, 2008

PaniCast 64 WSP + SC + NC = mc2

Energy = Mass multiplied by the Speed of Light squared.
E = mc2.

This week we've got a combination of energetic performances that, when mixed, prove the formula; WSP + NC + SC = Energy!

December 30, 1995
Spartanburg, SC

Heroes >
A of D
1 x 1 >
Mercy >
Flat Footed Flewzy
E: And It Stoned Me

April 9, 1996
Wilmington, NC

Sleepy Monkey >
Radio Child >

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Everyday Companion Podcast #64

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Andy said...

That SC show is actually 12-30-1995

Ted said...

Thanks Andy - typo city baby!

Anonymous said...

Hello Ted
that SC show is where you gave me my first wsp tape cover

Anonymous said...

let your mind wander

Anonymous said...

TED, I got some NYC WSP FOB DFC on Saturday night with my old friend NED. You were missed. -BEN

Henry Parsons said...

The Sptbg show was my 1st WSP show. Man, the memories are rollin' back. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

hey this thing still happening or what? We loved the podcast and hope it continues. Please let us know either way!!!!

Thank you for all the hard work.

Anonymous said...

TED - WHERE ARE YOU?!?!? My iWorld is darker without your podcast!!!!