Thursday, February 21, 2008

PaniCast 61 Wide Awake in San Diego

U.S.S. Midway, docked at Navy Pier, San Diego, CA

A recent business trip put me in the heart of downtown San Diego near the airport. My first night there I saw Atlanta's Black Lips at a club named Casbah. Maybe 125 people in attendance.

Widespread Panic has played some small shows in San Diego, or more precisely, Solana Beach. We've featured some songs from the legendary Belly Up Tavern before (the first Pilgrims was performed at this venue in 1992). We'll also feature a few tracks from the Navy Pier appearance. Houser has some problems finding his voice during the Waker, but the jam into Arlene is worth every cringe.

Here's how the Podcast goes down this week:

November 12, 1993 Belly Up Tavern,
Solana Beach, CA

Who Do You Belong To?

June 13, 2001 Navy Pier,
San Diego, CA
Pleas >
The Waker >
Arleen >
Driving Song >
Genesis >
Driving Song

November 17, 1994 Belly Up Tavern,

Solana Beach, CA
E: Get Up Early In The Morning >
Chilly Water

November 12, 1993 Belly Up Tavern,

Solana Beach, CA
E: Postcard

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Everyday Companion Podcast #61

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Lee said...

nice job

Muad'dib said...

Nice to have the 'cast back, Ted. Was missin' it during the breakage hiatus!

Curtis said...

Well done. As always.

jaywsp1013 said...

thanks ted, good to have these back

Anonymous said...

I have been waiting for GUEITM for a long time now. I wish they would play it again.

rojas13 said...

San diego shows Cherished by the Native.Thanks,Ted