Thursday, October 11, 2007

PaniCast 57 Guests and covers

PanicStream user Col. Braddock asked for a request that I will not be playing, at least not this week. It occurred to me that his suggestion would make much better fodder for a future themed cast.... but there were some songs from the same show featuring the same guest that would be worth a listen. As I revisited the famous Jorma performance from 2000 I also ran across a relatively recent download of Vic Chesnutt and became inspired. Guests and covers of songs by friends.

So away I went, finding a killer FM broadcast that I was not acquainted with featuring some priceless interview tom-foolery by the band. Delving into shows from 1994 I was reminded of one of my favorite Chilly Water performances featuring a 15 year old Derek Trucks on guitar.

A very pleasant surprise awaited me when the Everyday Companion pointed me to a benefit show featuring Jimmy Dale Gilmore, Randall Bramblett and Artimus Pyle of Lynyrd Synyrd. The interplay between Houser and Bramblett during Porch Song is nothing short of brilliant.

Anyhow, I am rambling - ENJOY - this is one of those 'casts that features something for everybody so turn it up loud.
And remember; "I'm John Herman, and I play keyboards."

Vic Chesnutt
February 16, 1997
Muffathalle, Munich, Germany
(authored by David Schools/Michael Houser/Todd Nance/Vic Chesnutt in a little band named brute.)

April 8, 1995
102.7 WNEW New York, NY
Interview ("I'm John Herman")
Can't Get High (Bloodkin cover)
Ain't Life Grand
Let's Get Down to Business (Vic Chesnutt cover)

July 4, 2000
San Francisco, CA
with Jorma Koukonen
Bowlegged Woman

October 11, 1998
Nashville Arena
Nashville, TN
Porch Song > (with Jimmy Dale Gilmore, Randall Bramblett)
(with Artimus Pyle from Lynyrd Synyrd and Jeff Reilly from Randall Bramblett Band)

July 21, 1994
Stop Go >
Entering a Blackhole Backwards >
Chilly Water*
* 15 year old Derek Trucks on Guitar
(with 'Thank You Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin' jam)

DOWNLOAD the cast here (right click to save to hard drive):
Everyday Companion Podcast #57

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Anonymous said...

Been lovin' the panicasts for over a year now, they just get better and better!...Thanks for the great tunes, your collection is incredible...blows me away...Thank God for Widespread Panic...

Colonel Braddock said...

Thanks for this webcast. It's way better than what was originally requested! I had a great time listening to it.

Anonymous said...

Lest we not forget that Merl was up there with Jorma. Great run, One of my favorites!

lgtsotrsdh said...

Nice podcaast, Ted. That Chilly fucking rips. Are you sure the Vic Chesnutt show is from 1992? That seems a little early since Nine High a Pallet didn't come out 'til '95. Just curious.

Ted said...

You are correct - TYPO!
That was 1997 - I will correct on the Blog.
Thanks lgtsotrsdholcomb!