Friday, August 31, 2007

PaniCast 53 Lost Summer - REDUX

WHEW! That took some time...
I hope you are all still waiting patiently - I promise the next few weeks will be worth the wait!

I turn around and May has turned to September. What happened to our summer?

As an ode to our lost summer I put together some selections from August in Panic History for your enjoyment. I literally went through the archives and pulled an August performance from each of the years we had on the hard drives through 1999. We are missing some critical August performances from 87, 88 and 91 but the examples we have here are good ones.

Bird Song features Kelly Jo Davis on vocals. Normally I am not a big fan of Bird Song as performed by Widespread, but this version shines - JB's vocal play with Kelly Jo is subtle and Houser's playing is unhinged.

The 1989 selection from the Wetlands is pure five piece Panic - And I've always had a soft spot in my heart for it. It happens to be the very first live performance by the band I ever heard on tape or otherwise.

What can you say about a 1990 Holden Oversoul other than tempo, tempo, tempo! Some serious funky Panic happening mid-way through this one.

Sunny is feeling it after It Ain't No Use and JB is feeling it during Last Straw... Todd is firing on all cylinders, Dave and Houser intertwine nicely and JoJo finds some interesting fills during this awesome matrix recording of a HORDE performance from 1992.

Flat Foot Flewzy from a Oak Mountain HORDE date in 1993 featuring John Popper on harmonica may be the highlight of this broadcast... Really sick - partly because Popper refused to give up the lead and Dave's vocal antics. "Holy shit" is right.

Pilgrims is from the encore of a show in Lubbock. JB says something way in the background (before Dave yells, "Lubbock") that I can't make out. Something about tractors... if anyone can make out what he is saying, please share. Plus listen to what Garrie is talking about at the end there.... you could take your ticket across the street to a bar and drink all night for free?! I'd be willing to bet that bar lost money that night!

Can't Find My Way Home was the encore of the second night of a two show run at the Vic in Chicago. "Thank you, good night!"

"I'm gonna cut myself and forget about her!"
Although the Last Dance from Germany has a missed cue part way through it is well played - plus hearing Dave count to four in German is worth including it, don't you think?
"Eins, zwei, drei, vier!"

I hope you enjoyed this week's cast - TELL YOUR FRIENDS WE'RE BACK!

Intro Garrie Banter from
February 21, 1992, September 6, 1992, April 9, 1993, April 20, 1993, and October 27, 1993.

August 18, 1986
Athens, GA
Bird Song

August 5, 1989
New York, NY
Disco >
Jam (with Tie Your Shoes tease) >
Driving Song >
B of D

August 16, 1990
Seattle, WA

Holden Oversoul

August 8, 1992
Charlotte, NC

It Ain't No Use >
Last Straw >
Tie Your Shoes >

August 15, 1993
Pelham, AL

Flat Foot Flewzy (w/ John Popper on Harmonica)

August 4, 1994
Lubbock, TX


August 5, 1995
Chicago, IL

West Virginia >
Can't Find My Way Home

August 16, 1999
Bielefeld, Germany

End of the Show
Last Dance

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