Friday, January 12, 2007

PaniCast 34 Serendipity

No real theme this week - I just pulled together some kick ass jams from early '97.
I recently exchanged emails with Ned Stein, which reminded me of the Rochester 97 show.
Which reminded me of the Indy show for some reason....
So I then decided to stay in spring 97 mode and
listened to Michael Wilker's remaster of the April 8, 1997 Las Cruces show.

And then I heard from Fred Adams via email this week -
and I remembered that Houser's birthday was the 6th.

Happy birthday Mikey!

May 2, 1997 Indianapolis
Stop -Go >
Better Off >
Holden Oversoul >
Love Tractor

April 8, 1997 Las Cuces, NM
Dear Mr. Fantasy
City of Dreams >
Hope in a Hopeless World

April 29, 1997 Rochester, NY
Jam >
Pilgrims >
No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature
The Take Out >
Porch Song

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