Friday, June 02, 2006

Red Rocks Special 3 - June 25, 2000

'Never miss a Sunday show'

June 25, 2000 Red Rocks
Bear's Gone Fishing > Ride Me High > Hatfield

I've seen every WSP show they've headlined at Red Rocks and this show ranks as one of the most memorable.

Despite JB's obvious lyrical flub during Bear's Gone Fishing the band takes the nervous energy of that miscue and finds inspiration. They slither through the second half of the song with gusto and fly into the jam after Ride Me High with reckless abandon.

The rain that developed during that jam out of Ride Me High seemed to summon Hatfield's spirit -
And what transpired during that first set has since gone down in WSP lore as one of 'those' moments when it is hard to discern between the band, the song, the audience, the weather and the venue.

'Blue start rolling between the clouds, feeling of wonder, some water drying up, some water just sinking into the skin'
JB, Hatfield 6/25/2000

Charles Hatfield's Business Card

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