Saturday, May 05, 2007

PaniCast 48 - Meanwhile, 3,650 days later

This week marks the tenth anniversary of the end of the infamous Spring Tour 1997. I had the good fortune of seeing six of these shows and look back on this time in my life with fondness and more than a little nostalgia. Along with classic shows at the Vic and Aragon in Chicago, I braved more than a little sleepiness to attend the end of the tour stop in St. Paul, MN. This taught me an important lesson; if there is nothing stopping you but a lack of sleep, GO!

Alot of ground has been covered from this time period (April - May 1997) in our podcasts this past year so I tried to steer away from the more obvious highlights from some of the classic shows - but I couldn't resist the Jingo Jam from 4/27/97! Sections of music like the Sleepy Monkey, Tie Your Shoes combo from 5/8/97, the Stop Go > Wondering from 4/27/97, B of D > Goin Out West from 5/10/97 and many others should be sought out and listened to. Do yourself a favor and find any show from April and May 1997 and I dare you to find a dog in the bunch. The band was in fine form and each and every one is played with effortless high energy.

Here's how it goes down this week:
April 27, 1997
Burlington, VT
Jingo Jam >
Space Wrangler

May 3, 1997
Pelham, AL
Just Kissed My Baby (with Night People rap)

May 7, 1997
Louisville, KY
Bowlegged Woman
Walk On

May 9, 1997
Chicago, IL
Little Kin
Ain't No Use

May 8, 1997
Chicago, IL
She Caught the Katy

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