Friday, February 29, 2008

PaniCast 62 Leap Through Time

Happy leap year day every body!

Despite their storied career spanning thousands of shows and three decades, Widespread Panic has only played on Leap Day once. February 29, 1988. Unfortunately I do not have a copy of this show to share with you.

So what I did instead was start with something from March of 1988, since tomorrow is March 1. I then leapt through time on the hard drives and listened to sections of about a dozen shows to come up with this week's cast. March also marks the tenth anniversary of the infamous Australian and European runs of spring 1998. So I thought I would dust off a selection of songs from that tour for your enjoyment.

"Well come on back. I hope everyone's prepared."
- JB, 3/31/1988 before Driving Song

Here's how the Cast goes down this week:

March 31, 1988
Cat's Cradle
Chapel Hill, NC

Driving Song >
Jam >
Driving Song >
Breathing Slow

December 7, 1990
Sonny's Bistro
Asheville, NC


July 25, 1998
World's Fair Park
Knoxville, TN

Ain't Life Grand >
Diner >
Don't Be Denied

March 10, 1998
Gov. Hindmarsh
Adeleide, Australia

Happy >
Aunt Avis >

October 9, 1996
Memorial Gym, Vanderbilt
Nashville, TN

L.a. >
Travelin' Light

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Everyday Companion Podcast #62

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