Sunday, September 09, 2007

PaniCast 54 Total Request Live

This 'Cast consists of 100% listener requests -
and I must say you folks have good taste!

We start things off with a little snippet of an interview from 1993 in Minneapolis.
"Well, 'No' is a big word..."

We then bounce forward to 1999 in JB's hometown of Cleveland. Pay attention - 19 minutes into the 'cast JoJo hooks up with the drummers and starts incessantly teasing a Big Chief jam. Dave follows suit, the horns get in synch and soon we have a giant Big Chief marching around the venue. That's a request of an anonymous listener!

Then we have a special treat - a Barstools rap from July of 1986, six months before it appears in the setlists as a song!

That Barstools rap segues into Coconuts, but I decided to switch things up and play the Coconuts encore of that Cleveland 1999 date.

Then another treat - Cardboard Box. Thanks Chris Whitestone for the request. A rare Mikey instrumental... really love the tension that is built mid-way through that song. It seemed to fit perfectly as a segue into our next selection.

Low Spark > Dream Song > Low Spark - this is the encore from a show in May of 1998 in Santa Barbara, CA. It takes some serious kahonas to slow things down and play Dream Song during an encore and this one does not disappoint. Thanks to Stuart Chandler for the request.

No matter what some people say, Dream Song is one of my favorite encore songs. I find it gives me a physical and mental breather. Perhaps even a little head space to reflect. In any case I believe JB when he sings, "You know you can, because you've lived so many lives before, in your dreams."

And finally another anonymous request. I am a sucker for Let's Get the Show on the Road but when paired with Tie Your Shoes I am an ALL-DAY sucker... wow!

Thanks for listening, tell your friends about us and keep sending those requests - if I've got it and it is from before 2002 I will do my best to play it for you.

May 3, 1993
KTCZ 97.1FM Studios,
Minneapolis, MN

July 23, 1999
Nautica Stage,
Cleveland, OH
with the Dirty Dozen Brass Band
Christmas Katie >
Big Chief Jam

July 14, 1986
Uptown Lounge,
Athens, GA
Aiko jam >
Barstools Rap

July 23, 1999
Nautica Stage,
Cleveland, OH
with the Dirty Dozen Brass Band

October 20, 1986
Uptown Lounge,
Athens, GA
Cardboard Box

May 30, 1998
County Bowl,
Santa Barbara, CA
Low Spark of High Heeled Boys >
Dream Song >
Low Spark of High Heeled Boys

April 27, 1999
Moran Theatre,
Jacksonville, FL
Let's Get the Show on the Road >
Tie Your Shoes >
Mr. Soul
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