Saturday, March 03, 2007

PaniCast 40 Havin' a Ball

Well folks, we've got a treat for you this week. Discovering a previously unlabelled jam is actually a song is a rare reminder that anything is possible when you are dealing with a band who has played over 2,000 shows over the course of 20+ years.

This past week a fan pointed out that there is a song on Michael Houser's MySpace page labelled Analyze. That fan went on to say he had also discovered another version of the song. We have no idea who maintains the MySpace page but there is no doubt that there was something to this information. As it happens I had just listened to the 7/27/94 show as I was doing research for the Rarities cast and recognized the song Analyze from MySpace - we had had it labelled Havin' a Ball. What we've found is that Havin' a Ball has a related jam - similar song structure but different melodies.

After some deliberation with some of my friends and the community over at Digital Panic I am proud to present to you Analyze and Havin' a Ball.

Here's how it goes down this week:
July 9, 1994
Wilson Theater
Bozeman, MT
Happy Child >
I'm Not Alone >
Anaylze >

July 16, 1994
People's Bar and Grill
Ames, IA
Havin' a Ball >
Guilded Splinters

March 14, 1997
Wolf Mountain Arena
Park City, UT
Dirty Business >
Junior >
Dirty Business
B of D

There is some SICK SICK jamming this week, so warn the neighbors and turn it up!

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