Saturday, October 24, 2009

PaniCast 69 Vinyl Origins Part 2

This 'cast continues to explore the influences of Widespread Panic's music.

Michael Stanley's second solo album, Friends and Legends, is featured prominently this time around. The band Stanley was playing with on this album was a who's who of mid-seventies rock; Dan Fogelberg, Richie Furay, David Sanborn, Bill Szymczyk, and Joe Walsh (AND his band Barnstorm). J. Geils even got in on the act by producing the saxophone tracks. It also was produced in my current stomping grounds of Colorado... Let's Get the Show on the Road is one of my favorite Panic covers and Funky is the Drummer is a crazy jam/rap that JB has slipped into a couple of times.

I really had alot of fun putting this one together - turn it up and invite the friends over... and tear the roof of the sucker!

Let's Get the Show on the Road

Michael Stanley
from the album "Friends and Legends"

She Caught the Katy

Albert King

from the album "Lovejoy"

Funky is the Drummer

Michael Stanley
from the album "Friends and Legends"

Give up the Funk (Tear the Roof of the Sucker)

from the album "Mothership Connection"

Wang Dang Doodle
The Earthshaker
Koko Taylor
from the album "The Earthshaker"

Can't Find My Way Home

Blind Faith
from the album "Blind Faith"

Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning

Hot Tuna
from the album "First Pull Up, The Pull Down"

Knocking 'round the Zoo

James Taylor and the Original Flying Machine
from the album "James Taylor and the Original Flying Machine"

Shouldn't Have Took More than You Gave

Dave Mason
from the album "Alone Together"


Professor Longhair
from the album "New Orleans Piano"

John's Other

Hot Tuna
from the album "First Pull Up, The Pull Down"

Just Like a Woman

Bob Dylan
from the album "Blonde on Blonde"


Willie Dixon

from the album "I am the Blues"


from the album " John Barleycorn Must Die"

Let's Get it On

Marvin Gaye

from the album "Let's Get it On"

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Everyday Companion Podcast #69

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Friday, September 25, 2009

PaniCast 68 The Vinyl Origins part 1

Hi, yes, it's me again.
Should I address the fact I haven't done a broadcast in a long, long, long time?

Let's see if I can pick up where I left off.

One open item:
I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the archive project that has been started by Horace Moore and the band (and Chris Rabold). This is a worthy project and one that every one of you should be helping support by purchasing the releases. September 8, 1997 is an amazing show and should will be one of the greatest Spreadhead stocking stuffers in recent memory.

The archive project is depending on us, the fans, for it's success. By supporting the project through your purchase of an archive recording you are ensuring that MORE MORE MORE archives are released in the future. And who knows, perhaps the next release will be the one you've been wishing for!

Now let's get down to business

During the time you last heard from me I was bitten by a musical bug - the vinyl bug. Last October I found a working turntable and about 20 albums. Today I've got 4 working turntables and a whole bunch of vinyl....

As I was flipping through stacks of worn sleeves in the bins of Albums on the Hill and Twist and Shout I found myself meditating on how vinyl was heavily influential on generations of musicians. Rediscovering how the long format of an LP made each side of an album an event. Ruminating on how the ultimate expression of a musical artist's mastery (or indulgence) was the 'concept album.'

The experience of listening to a vinyl album requires an immersion in the experience:
Interpreting album art,
removing the disc from the sleeve,
placing it on the spindle,
gently resting the needle down,
hear the familiar crackle of dust and vinyl,
the anticipation of the fist sounds of the first song....

Take a moment to think about the last time you pressed a single button to listen to your music.

Widespread is well known for their covers versions of songs... Songs that the band members would have experienced for the first time on vinyl.

SO why not a "Panic Covers and Influences" podcast taken directly from the vinyl sources?!?

Without further ado I present to you various covers and influences recorded directly from albums in my collection...

Savor > Jingo

from the album "Santana"

Are You Ready for the Country?

Neil Young
from the album "Journey Through the Past (soundtrack)"


Stevie Wonder
from the album "Talking Book"

Starship Trooper 1. Life Seeker 2. Disillusion 3. Würm

from the album "The Yes Album"

Space Truckin'

Deep Purple
from the album "Machine Head"

Around the Bend
Love Tractor
from the album "Athens, GA. - Inside/Out (soundtrack)"

For What It's Worth > Mr. Soul
Buffalo Springfield
from the album "Journey Through the Past (soundtrack)"

All Along the Watchtower

Bob Dylan
from the album "Bob Dylan at Budokan"

I Wish

Stevie Wonder
from the album "Songs in the Key of Life"

Bowlegged Woman, Knock-Kneed Man

Hot Tuna
from the album "Hoppkorv"

Dirty Business

New Riders of the Purple Sage
from the album "New Riders of the Purple Sage"

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Everyday Companion Podcast #68

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