Saturday, May 19, 2007

PaniCast 50 One Year Older... and Wiser?

This week we celebrate our one year anniversary of the Podcast... hard to believe, really. Thanks for listening each week and allowing me to spin a few selections for you.

I recently saw some previously uncirculated Widespread on and thought I would share it. I recommend listening to the following loud and with your eyes closed.

The material from 1992 has been selected because the band is just TEARING through these songs. In particular I enjoyed listening to Todd beating the skins like a madman and Mikey burning through the leads on these songs. The Flewzy is an interesting one and features some adjusted lyrics - for those fans who were around in 1997 you might just recognize what Dave is singing about there. I might bring you more from this 10/15/99 Warfield show in the future, but this is what would fit this week, so it'll have to do for now.

Thanks for listening - I look forward to doing this each week, so knowing you are all listening and reading means alot. Make sure to click comment below to let us know how we can improve your listening enjoyment!

July 10, 1992
Syracuse, NY
State Fairgrounds, HORDE Tour
Aquarium Rescue Unit - Widespread Panic Jam >
Love Tractor

September 9, 1992
Durango, CO
Contentment Blues >
Bowlegged Woman

November 8, 1997
Oxford, OH
Flat Foot Flewzy

September 19, 1997
South Bend, IN
Party at Your Mama's House >

October 15, 1999
San Francisco, CA
Blue Indian

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