Saturday, June 17, 2006

JB Solo, Acoustic Pilgrims, Epic Stop Go - Podcast #6

Listen to this podcast with your sweety - it's chock full of Panic-y goodness!
What a treat this podcast was to produce!
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John Bell four track recording from 1998(?)
Climb to Safety

May 15, 1993 Boston, MA
Pilgrims (full band acoustic)

April 27, 1997 Burlington, VT
Stop Go > Wondering

John Bell four track
Little Lilly

The interviewing on the 5/15/93 radio performance is laughably hideous but the performances are actually quite good so I'll bring more of that performance in future podcasts and spare everyone the embarrassment of the words between the music.

The Stop Go > Wondering includes a brilliant improv by JB - one of my all time favorite Panic moments.
Make sure to pay attention to the transition between the two songs!
This is a long distance dedication to Lauren and Ben in NYC.

I also really love the four track recordings - listen closely to JB harmonizing with himself and adding all sorts of vocal embellishments during both songs... I have no idea where I picked this up but I feel lucky to have been able to hear it.

Get the cast here:
Everyday Companion Podcast #6


sweetp said...

I've been enjoying all your Podcasts...keep up the good work and thanks!

Anonymous said...

Nice work on this one Ted. The 4-track stuff is awesome.

Justin said...

Thanks Ted , shaking it loose here in Columbia SC. The music sounds great thru the home computer!Justin

Lee said...

that stop go>wondering is so nice!