Saturday, March 08, 2008

PaniCast 63 Sam Smith OakMountain Stout

My pre-show ritual of drinking a Samuel Smith's oatmeal stout started back when I was seeing the Grateful Dead. A single 20 ounce bottle could sustain me for an entire evening. Too heavy to be chugged, it is a beer to be savored. For my money, a $3 bottle of Sammy's symbolizes summer afternoons of freedom and relaxation. In the summer of 1994, Lisa and I found a couple bottles for sale at the last store on the road to Denali. We sat on the side of a dusty road sipping an Oatmeal Stout under the midnight sun while listening for the bus that would take us into the wild.

So when a podcast listener named Jeremiah wrote the following words, I felt compelled by mysterious forces to oblige his request;
"Keep up the good work, I thrive on your podcast, its great music to listen to. Brings back memories of the good ole' days when I was in college. No bills, plenty of Panic, and a good Sammy Smith Oatmeal Stout!"

He's asked for anything from 1996 through 2001 from Oak Mountain in Pelham (outside of Birmingham) Alabama. You pretty much can't go wrong with that date range with this band at that venue.

So I went down to Liquor Mart today and bought a Sammy Smith Oatmeal Stout. I've cracked it open. And I am listening and relaxing, waiting to be taken into the wild. I suggest you do the same.

June 28, 1996
Airplane >
Take Off Jam (with Dark Star jam) >
And It Stoned Me >
Henry Parsons Died
Stop-G0 >
Barstools and Dreamers (with Satisfied rap)

September 25, 1999
Surprise Valley >
Bear's Gone Fishing >
C. Brown

July 29, 2001
Wind Cries Mary

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lgtsotrsdh said...

Once again, I knew I recognized that jam out of Airplane, even if the particular show didn't come to mind. I used to hand out copies of 6/28/96 to people all the time when I wanted to turn them on to Panic. While I've always wanted to be partial to the next night in Charlotte since I was there, you can't deny that Oak Mt. '96 is a fucking great show.

OhioHead said...

Ted - thanks for another great Podcast, WOW the boys really knew to turn on the heat for the Oak Mountain shows!

How about a Sammy Smith pt. II podcast with additional gems from all Oak Mountain shows?


Anonymous said...

After reading your comments about the panicast, it caused me to stop and think about the road trips my college friends and I took from Cullowhee, NC to Athens to see the Superjams and to Atlanta to see the HORDE shows. Would you happen to have anything from 6-2-91, 5-30-92, 8-7-92, 6-13-93, 8-14-93, or 6-12-94. Keep the great panicast coming. Glenn

Alamantra said...

I was at the '99 Oak Mountain show. I have to say its one of my all time favs. Thanx for the memory! Cheers to ya!