Thursday, May 18, 2006

Arlene, Greta and JB Solo - Podcast #2

This episode includes:
Arlene performed by I-Tal in Athens, GA in May of 1987
Greta into Love Tractor from 4/20/97
and JB performing Space Wrangler solo on 7/29/95 in Jackson, WY.

It was a blast putting this together - I hope you all enjoy it!

Check it out here:
Everyday Companion Podcast #2

My Odeo Channel (odeo/7f25f737af9b887b)


Dgold said...

Hey Ted, love the new EC podcast! Great to see the selections of the WSP setlistelligencia. I made a link for EC Blogspot on my Honest Tunes Radio Show blog (in the sidebar under Jam Music Podcasts).

Good to see you online in this new way, spreadnet friends!

Ted said...

Thanks for the link. Psyched to finally taking the plunge into the online broadcasting world. I am already having such a blast 'rediscovering' old favorites!

I'll be in touch.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much.....keep your head in the trees....the air sure smells sweet up here......