Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Podcast #1 is Available!

The real reason I started this blog was to start podcasting some great Live Widespread Panic -
And the first Podcast is now ready - it's a little rough around the edges but contains some great music.

This edition features
Can't Find My Way Home from 7/20/92
Tie Your Shoes > Disco from 4/1/95
Aunt Avis > Hatfield from 12/29/95

Check it out here:
Everyday Companion Podcast #1

My Odeo Channel (odeo/7f25f737af9b887b)



Curtis said...

Ted, this is such a great idea. I'll be sure to post weekly announcements over on PanicStream. Keep up the good work.

slopeside said...

ted thanx again for everything you have done!

you are an inspiration to us all!!

sweetpea said...

Ted Rockwell has a great Ipod voice.
Nice & clear WSP show from 1992.

Thanks and Best Wishes for future Icasts.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Curtis for letting folks know over on PT.
And Ted, what can I say. You're the man. Keep it up. Can't thank you enough for your years of dedication. I, among scores of others, appreciate what you've doing. Great idea.
See y'all on the Rocks.

Natty said...

Hiya Ted,
looks like ya got another stellar contribution to the Panic community going here!!
Been missing all y'all CO folkses since I came back East last year, but I'll be seeing you in a couple weeks!!
Give Jack a high five for me!
Peace, Natty