Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bonnaroo WEBCAST

Tune in later to see some of what was broadcast over the weekend
Here is the link to the webcast.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ted. Just WONDERIN' if any more podcast are coming? I have been checking EVERYDAY for three weeks now. DONT'T WANNA LOSE YOU RIGHT NOW. Glenn

MC said...

Ted is probably still unpacking boxes from his move. I am sure he will be back soon.


Anonymous said...

Ted, Thanks so much for your efforts towards these podcasts, they really keep me going while i'm on the road. I travel every week from jax., fl. to charlotte, nc. and these podcasts really keep my truck pumpin'. I was wonderin' if in honor of the fall tour being announced, you could plug in the post drums from 4/27/99, LGTSOTR>TYS>Mr. Soul just some sick sick panic. It was my first show and hometown show in jacksonville. I used to have the tapes but they've been lost for years. We got the boys comin' to town nov. 4 and it's a sunday show. I finally get a show in my backyard.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Ted must have alot of boxes to unpack!