Tuesday, June 05, 2007

PaniCast 52 Pleas, we'll be right back...

Well it is official - Lisa and I have purchased a home in Boulder and will be moving this month. We currently have our lovely home on the market in Longmont - we've poured alot of love and sweat into this place. Check it out here.

Meanwhile, on Sunday night while Lisa was working to get the house ready she sliced her left index finger. Nearly took the tip clean off... here's what it looked like 24 hours after the incident. [puke]

As we've been packing and moving and painting we've been facing our past in a very concrete way. Our history is right in front of us as we load those boxes and cover over old paint. As we sweat, fret and work ourselves so hard we draw blood, we are reminded of why we moved to this place and to this state. It all goes back to one weekend in 1996 when we visited a friend in Boulder and also saw Widespread Panic at Red Rocks.

Lisa, Maureen and I flew out to Denver from Chicago the morning of May 31st and rented a car. I remember driving up I-70 into the foothills of the Rockies getting excited to finally see the fabled venue. As we turned south on US 6 we saw a young and lonely looking guy hanging out at the first entrance. We stopped and introduced ourselves. It was Daniel Gold. That first entrance is never open for concerts and so we proceeded into the venue and parked past the trading post but near the East entrance to the venue. And happened to park next to Gabby who had been on a mountain bike riding trip in Utah. We sat in the shade of the rocks and drank Sammy Smith's and Budweisers. We met up with Danny and Leigh and Chris and Trudi and Gardy and had a wonderful show. After the show Maureen hooked up with Mike Remmers to catch a ride to the next show in Utah. He bounded down the seats at Red Rocks like an excited mountain dog. What a great guy he was.

This trip was the seed, the catalyst for our life's journey to Colorado. We've made a home here and spread out our roots. So it is on the occasion of moving from our first home in Colorado that we look back and remember that day 11 years ago....

May 31, 1996
Red Rocks

Tall boy
Driving Song >
Walkin' (for your love) >
Jam >
Driving Song >
Holden Oversoul >
Jam >
You Got Yours
Ain't Life Grand

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Anonymous said...

Just like to say thanks for all the work you do for your sites. I love the EDC and Panic Casts. Was curious if you had 6-9-98 Sun Valley, ID and 7-6-99 Boise, ID. Would love to hear those shows. Thanks again


P.S. Congrats on the move to Boulder!!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your personal stories / panic adventures...thanks for all the hard work on this site...my friends and I love it...

Scott said...

I came here looking for info. on an old podcast and nearly broke into tears after following the link to the Mike Remmers memorial page. Damn, I miss that man. Thanks, Ted.

Anonymous said...

I always like the podcasts, but wow. This first set just blew me away. Something about it is the Panic that transports me, rather than just the Panic that I enjoy. So thanks for putting it out!

Anonymous said...

Ted, hope your move went well. Just wanted to say thank you from Alabama for all the wonderful highlights you have brought to those who can't make as many shows as they used to. May your glass always be filled and we hope to see you "down south" for some of the fall tour stops. Thanks again and PEACE.